After setting up its operations in 1991, Wipro Lighting steadily grew to become one of India’s most trusted brands for consumer lighting products including Smartlite CFL, LED, and emergency lights. With decades of experience in commercial as well as consumer lighting, Wipro produces some of the best in class LED Lighting solutions in the industry.

Wipro is at the forefront of innovations in the lighting industry when it comes to providing comprehensive lighting solutions that are energy efficient and long-lasting. We offer a wide range LED lighting products including LED luminaires and lighting management systems across numerous application areas such as modern offices, industries, retail, healthcare, pharmaceuticals firms, roads, highways, landscapes and many more.

Wipro Lighting products are not just highly efficient but equally stylish aesthetically. The products are manufactured incorporating International standards and meet Indian power demands.

Wipro LED Lighting products are categorically divided across a wide range of applications that include:

Indoor –

Recessed Luminaires :

Recessed Luminaires can be used for all kinds of retail, office spaces and LED Commercial Lighting. The luminaires are practical, multi-functional and aesthetically pleasing with modern designs. They have a long lasting life and ensure up to 60% energy savings.

Pendant Luminaires :

Pendant Lights or Hanging Lights are versatile and can be hung up in any space. You can achieve the perfect contemporary look for your workspace with Pendant Luminaires.

Surface Mounted Luminaires :

Best in range Surface Mounted Luminaires are an ideal choice uniform lighting across space. They are made out of sturdy materials and are easy to install.

Task lights :

Use Task Lights or LED Desk Lamp as a dedicated source of lighting for your office space. They are stylish as well as energy-efficient.

Down lights :

Designed to perfection, Wipro Lighting specializes in Down lights solution that can be used in retail stores, art galleries, showrooms, theaters, malls and more.

High-Bay & Mid-Bay Luminaires :

For superior lighting performances in large industrial areas and workshops use Wipro High Bay & Mid Bay Luminaires that provide uniform distribution of light.

Cleanroom :

Hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical facilities and other food production industries can use Wipro Cleanroom LED Lighting Solutions that offer pure light, easy to maintain and are dust free.

Luminaires with Extra Protection :

For work spaces that are zero error zones and require great precision, Wipro offers Luminaires with Extra Protection that give uniform performance and are highly efficient.

Outdoor –

Street Lighting :

Wipro Lighting is a leading manufacturer in Street lighting solutions built for cities of the future.

Flood Lighting :

Wipro flood lights used in sports arenas, façades, general area lighting, billboards and other outdoor applications ensures up to 90% energy savings with high lumen output, good thermal managements and available in a wide variety.

Landscape Lighting :

Enhance your outdoor surroundings with Wipro Landscape Lighting solutions that are efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Wipro Lighting provides a wide range of 5m to 12m poles with different bracket options that offer adequate lighting as well as give a distinguished look to urban cities.

High Mast :

For illuminating large outdoor spaces, use Wipro High Mast Lighting solutions that are easy to install & maintain and also provide uniform light distribution.

Accessories –

Wipro Lighting provides comprehensive solutions in accordance to reliability and quality standards that includes a wide variety of lamps and accessories.

Accessories include Die-cast aluminium control gear box, Starter and Ignitor, Open construction ballast suitable for HPSV/MHL lamps, High pressure sodium vapour (HPSV) lamp ballast.

Lighting Controls –

Make your space smart with intelligent lighting controls that improve your lighting experience exponentially. With Lighting Controls, you can cut down on high energy consumption and improve reliability, efficiency and productivity. Wipro Lighting Controls are safe, cost-efficient and easy to install.