With over two decades of experience, SYSKA Lighting is pioneering the manufacturing of LED lights in the industry. Although the SYSKA group has expanded itself across various verticals, SYSKA Lighting has witnessed a tremendous growth over a short period of time to become the most recognized and trusted Indian brand.SYSKA Lighting leads the field in the future of smart LED Lights innovation. Understanding the needs and demands of the end user, SYSKA offers specific solutions that are highly efficient and long-lasting. In compliance with global standards, these products are manufactured using state-of-art-technology with durable and energy efficient features giving SYSKA Lighting an edge over everyone in the market. Optimized functionality, superior quality, 2 years warranty and cost-efficiency are some of the highlights of SYSKA Lighting.

SYSKA Lighting has a wide of range of products across various applications that provide proper lighting in all types of environment. From residential to retail and from commercial to industrial, SYSKA has a broad category of products.

SYSKA ensure full integration of LED Lights into the systematic structure of the complete range of lighting products allowing lighting designers to get a seamless mix of LED lighting tools with conventional products.

SYSKA Lighting is categorically divided into two sections: Consumer Use & Commercial Use

Consumer product range –

Lamps & Tubes:

Emergency Lights

Table Lamps


Indoor Luminaries

Commercial product range –

Industrial Lights:


Smart Lights:

With 3 million shades to choose from, SYSKA Lighting brings to you Smart Lights solutions to brighten up your homes. From Violet to Green to Indigo – Just use an app to change the color setting easily and set the right ambience as per your desire. Download “Syska Rainbow LED” and take advantage of all the features available.

Highlights of SYSKA LED Smart Lights –