Reduce Electricity Bill by Installing LED Tube Lights

By seo on January 21st, 2020

Incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps are the most widely used lighting fixtures nowadays. However they are quite inefficient and energy-wasting and contain toxic materials that are harmful to human being’s health and the environment, so you might just need to change. LED tube lights are a better option than those traditional light sources that we all use since they are more energy-efficient, eco-friendly with an extremely long lifetime. Installing LED tube lights is the best way to save electricity bills and get a green and healthy living environment for you.

When it comes to the installation and fixture of LED tube lights, now how you will be doing this is a bit tricky. You should not just simply fix LED lights into the existing fixture for fluorescent lights. Some definite modifications will need to be done around the fixture of the fluorescent light for sure. Normally a fluorescent light fixture consists of three main components; the fluorescent tube light; ballast; and finally the starter. The starter system might have its own usages depending on the type of fluorescent light fixture you might be using. In some fixtures it is not required at all, in some it is already built-in into the ballast and in some, it can be a replaceable component. So when you want to fix an LED tube light into an existing fixture for the fluorescent light, you have to first disconnect the starter and the ballast.

You should make sure that the LED tube lights you intend to install are of the same shape and size as the existing fixture in your homes. It is very easy to find the tube lights of the same size in the market and you do not have to wire a new fixture for the installation of the LED tube lights. The job can be left to an electrician to do, but you should make sure that the main power is off when you are intent on setting about fixing the replacement LED light into the old fixture yourselves.

It may be a little bit troublesome to do the work yourself as it might involve a lot of wirework. You will have to disconnect the cover or the holder along with the ballast when you will be fixing in the new LED tube lights or bulbs. After you are done removing the reflector you will then need to install and rewire the holders for each and every energy-efficient LED tube lights separately before you can put the lights into them. Once the work is completed, and your LED lighting is installed successfully, you will get 50% electricity bill saved and have an eco-friendly environment.

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