LED spot light can be classified under LED light bulb and is designed to be directional. Houses, Offices, Outdoor spaces, Recreational areas, Theatres, Museums, Podiums and many other indoor and outdoor facilities commonly use LED spot lights. LED spot lights are either used for general lighting or for decorative purposes. They are quite popular largely for highlighting places or objects.

LED spot lights are proven to be more energy efficient saving up to 80% energy, environment friendly and have better light emitting principle than the traditional halogen spot lights which consume more power and increase heat. LED spot lights come in variety of colours including white, blue, green, yellow, red, neon, etc.

They come in different sizes and shapes. Whether it be to for home interior lights or office space decoration, LED spot lights are the perfect choice. Since LED spot lights are traditionally used as decorative lights, they are bright and showcase good lighting effects. Light transitions, colour flashes, alternate gradient, gradual light transitions, random colour flashes are some of the effects available in LED spot lights. Yes, LED spot lights can cost a tad bit more than traditional halogens but comparatively their energy cost is low and have long service life.

Hence, it makes more sense to use LED spot lights instead of halogens. The LED spot lights can both be used as an independent lighting and can also go well with other lightings.