LED Linear Lighting is a type of light bulb used commonly as a source of light. They are quite popularly used in houses, classrooms, commercial and industrial units. LED linear lighting are particularly used for large spaces. Before them, long spaces were lit with industrial incandescent bulbs. Linear lighting technology was initially mainly used in industrial units.

By the late 70s, the use of this technology was made in houses, commercial spaces, workshops, etc. which made it necessary to have low-cost and good-looking lights. The improved version of the linear lights which came about in the early 2000s is what we know as LED linear lighting. LED linear lighting is in huge demand and its demand continues to increase.

The LED linear lighting has and continues to evolve with changes in performance and aesthetics. It uses a more advanced technology while gradually moving away from traditional materials. LED linear lighting are used as directional lights.

There are various benefits of using LED linear lighting:

  1. The aesthetic appeal of LED linear lighting is eye-catching. These led linear lighting look good as they can be used to create unique-looking and striking designs.
  2. Wide range of color temperatures can be found in LED linear lightings. These different color temperatures can be used to create desired mood and atmosphere. Commercial units like office spaces and retailers are recommended the neutral white LED linear lighting for comfortable atmosphere.
  3. LED linear Lighting is more cost effective as it runs on low energy. It also runs longer than a typical fluorescent tube.