LED Panel Lighting

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We are prominent suppliers of led panel lighting, which comes in various dimensions. Our highly functional led panel can be surface mounted, recessed mounted and can even work as pendant. These panel lights find applicability in schools, hospitals, commercial and exhibition locations, museums, hotels, and other areas. The offered light is precisely checked by our experts to ensure its durability, quality, and reliability. Owing to its attributes such as dimensional accuracy, durability, high illumination, and excellent performance, this light is widely demanded by our clients.

Arcade Lighting is engaged in dimmable Led Panel Light, Panel Led Lighting, RGB Led Panel Light to your requirements. Because of our quality Cheap Led Panel Light, We have been a recognized India’s Led Panel Light manufacturer in the Led Panel Light industry field.

What are the features of LED Panel Lighting?

  1. Energy-saving about 70%;
  2. Long life span more than 5 years;
  3. No infrared rays, no ultraviolet radiation, no thermal effect;
  4. Ultra-slim and unlimited design and various dimensions are available;
  5. Soft and wide light-emitting;
  6. Special circuit design, avoiding the single broken LED influence problem;
  7. High efficiency constant current drive system, with heat protection system, can work under unstable voltage;
  8. Instant start, no flickering, no humming, no RF interference.

We at Arcade Lighting, help you to come up with new ideas of lighting. In the past, LED lights became a revelation among vendors of residential and industrial property due to their eco-friendly nature, a marginal level of ultraviolet radiation emissions and a long duration. LED Panel Lighting would be one of the best lighting options which have flexibility in designs, better in quality and high level of intensity. We came with an exciting range of LED panel lighting designs to meet the experience and preferences of customers.

Why Buy Led Panel Lights from Arcade Lighting?

At Arcade Lighting, we are aware of the LED panel lighting design which is extremely popular within the market. To satisfy requirements of customers, we have sourced the latest range of LED panel lights from top-level brands within the market. We have mentioned all the product features and specifications for the customer to buy without any difficulties.

We are a professional led panel Manufacturer and supplier from India. We can produce led panel lightings according to your requirements. Contact Us right now!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an LED panel light?

Combination of light emitting bulbs like devices (Specially diodes) on a panel powered by Direct Current. LED panel lights are designed in such a technique that allows for better lighting conditions. This type of lighting makes use of the latest in LED (light-emitting diode) technology.

How do you fit LED light panels?

Switch the power off.
Pick up the led panel light fitting into the ceiling.
Cut off the fitting from the switch and remove it.
Wire the led panel driver to the switch.
Set the panel into the ceiling and connect the male/female connector.
Adjust into place

Which company LED lights are best?

Arcade Lighting is a professional LED Panel Lights manufacturer and exporter in India. We are specializing in LED Panel Lights. These products are been delivered to Europe, United States, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Africa etc. countries. We are expanding more cooperation partners all over the world.

Which is the best LED panel light in India?

Recessed and surface mounted are main types of LED Panel lights.
Surface Mounted LED Panel Light can be set up on the ceiling, walls and installation of surface. Recessed led panel light can be fitted into cardboard or wooden ceiling or walls. You should choose according to your interior. Available in superior designs, we provide lights that are easy to install and are highly sustainable in performance.