How to increase testosterone – Blog of Mikhail Yatsyk

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How to increase testosterone - Mikhail Yatsyk's blog is very good

How to increase testosterone – Blog of Mikhail Yatsyk

How to increase testosterone

Every “Vasya” knows that testosterone can be increased with the help of physical exercises, but such experts rarely succeed in practice. And just as each Vasya talks about genetically impenetrable ceilings, that after 30 testosterone falls, and after 40 it generally flies down nowhere, and this is used by the sellers of steroid vitamins for their own purposes.

Few people know that physical activity is far from all that affects the level of male sex hormones that make a man a man, and in rare cases a woman a mizhichich. I would say that physical activity helps to invest the existing potential of a man in his physical development, which in turn also helps our body to produce even more male hormones.

But if you think physical activity is the only way to increase testosterone, then you are missing out on a lot..

And I decided to write this article primarily for those who are not very helped by exercise in terms of increasing testosterone..

What follows is basically what the fitness industry does not talk about. That which prof. athletes and even more sellers of steroid vitamins.

There will also be elements of tin, so it is better for women not to read, and for faint-hearted men to open the window and take a comfortable position for deep breaths.

Emotions and psyche If you have been flexing and unbending your arms for many years or months and do not see any or almost no shifts despite the fact that you are putting in a good effort, observing the regime, eating well, posting correct pictures on the VKontakte wall, counting approaches, repetitions, and you even have a training diary, you just need to look at yourself in the mirror.

And in the mirror you need to pay special attention to your face. Because your physiognomy reflects your psychological and emotional state very well. Moreover, your face reflects not only the state in which you are now, but also the state in which you spend the most time, and all the emotions you experienced. The stronger the emotion, the deeper it gets embedded in your face. And the stronger the emotion is imprinted in your face, the more difficult it is to expel it from there and the more often it will work by default..

Emotions are extremely important.

Because if your face is like that of a chronic depressive whiner, and “sad sucker” is written on your forehead, then you should know that exercise won’t help you much in terms of increasing testosterone until you solve the problem with your face.

By the way, it is worth noting that most people go to the rocking chair to pump up and thereby increase self-esteem, get rid of complexes, earn admiration and respect from others. And that’s why they don’t change much without steroids..

It is also worth noting that, as a rule, people who have a level of self-esteem and who are respected by the environment rarely go to fitness clubs, unfortunately. And those of them who walk, very quickly achieve their goals, because the correct emotional and psychological background puts the hormonal system in order. And if the hormonal system is in order, then any physical qualities are trained easily, quickly and with pleasure..

Exercise and Emotion Exercise for your psyche is like adding fuel to a fire. But in order for the fire to be even brighter after pouring oil into it, it must be bright enough before that. Therefore, if there is no fire, and there are only barely puffing coals, then there will be no bright fire after adding oil. In the worst case, the coals will go out completely, and in the best case, there will simply be a lot of smoke and stench.

Much the same is the case with exercise. In order for them to give a good result, you need to light a fire inside yourself, but if inside you feel like a vegetable and give your best 101%, you will feel like a black man doing hard labor during training, and for a long time after training like a black man in between between hard labor.

In order for training to give a good result, you need to ignite a fire inside yourself and give everything accordingly. Of course, it is also advisable to turn to a professional for a well-designed training program.

If the fire is strong, then you can hardcore, and this will bring not only good results, but also pleasure during and after training. If the fire is not very strong, then you need to give all the best accordingly. If there is no fire, and you are trying to give all your best, then know that you are wasting your inner reserves. After training in this mode, you will be lethargic, it will not be easy to force yourself to go to the next training session, and in the long term, with this approach, your training will bring little health benefits, and possibly more harm..

Aggression looks like this. You’ve already seen the rest of the emotions.

This is exactly the fine line that separates where you work for health or at the expense of your health reserves. If you understand this, then it will be funny for you to listen to the arguments of dummies about whether sports are useful for health or not..

And now we are approaching the most important thing in this section of the article. The fact is that training is a very good place to correct your face and now I will explain why.

What emotions should be included in training so that testosterone rises? When you strain a lot while doing physical exercises, you will not be able to keep a calm face with a brick, because approaching the limit of your physical performance in a particular exercise, your actions will always be emotionally filled. And here it is very important which emotion you include, and if you do not control your emotions, then your emotions will work against you..

Unfortunately, more often than not, the wrong emotion turns on in the training guys. This is what spoils the whole training process, the impressions from it and of course the results..

The list of emotions that can turn on in your workout is not great, there are only three. These are the emotions that turn on in you when you approach the limit of your capabilities..

We are interested in just aggression. It is this emotion that gives us a surge of testosterone, fills us with energy, helps to easily endure any physical activity, difficulties and blows of fate, fills us with strength and health. In a very aggressive state, you hardly feel heaviness and fatigue..

Remember to include this emotion during training. You just need not just to show someone your teeth, but to light a fire inside yourself.

Of course, chronic whiners will not succeed right away, someone will have to work for more than one month, but it’s worth it. You should throw out all the negativity that accumulates in you during training, if there is no negativity, then just turn on the aggressive state by default. And after training you will be in harmony with yourself no worse than pop after prayer.

The accumulating emotions need to be thrown away in time, based on this, you need to build your training plans. If you yourself are twitchy, hot-tempered and aggressive, then you simply do not have enough good training and for training this will be your very big plus.

In no case do not try to suppress emotions within yourself, all the emotions good and bad must come out. If you suppress emotions in yourself, they will stop coming to you. Emotions make a person alive. Without emotion, you will be transformed into a vegetable that cannot and does not want anything.

Emotional people are always stronger, more confident, more successful, more purposeful..

True, when they say emotional, they mean a whiner, who dissolves nuns for any reason, but I did not mean this version of emotionality as you already understood.

Emotions are the energy of life within you, there is no emotion, Human growth hormone dose the social networks of no life.

But you also need to be able to manage your emotions and put them in the right direction..

Because aggression invested in the wrong place will bring a lot of harm to you and society.

And that’s why pink magazines and snotty psychologists are actively promoting super calmness, yoga and everything that eradicates aggression and blocks the output of strong emotions. Aggression is a purely masculine emotion. Which makes a man a man and which gives him a reserve of strength in urgent moments.

For some reason, the control of emotions is usually associated with the state of a vegetable that has forgotten how to produce them, and at the same time he does not want anything, does not strive for anything.

I have now re-read a couple of dozen lines above and it turns out that I advocate aggression. I have already presented a video clip filmed in my honor by some scams with a title like “Mikhail Yatsyk promotes aggression and cruelty”. And then such snotty comments from other scammers …))

To subtract your psycho-emotional state, you will not have to dig deeper into your head. Someone more, someone less. Although there are people for whom everything works as it should automatically, they do not have problems with testosterone, so they will not need this article. For them, what I write is normal and natural.

In fact, emotions are very important for humans, and we have learned to manifest them in the process of evolution for a reason. Correctly selected strong emotions at the right time can help us to work intensively and for a long time without much fatigue, both physically and mentally. Emotions give us a lot of strength and energy..

The emotion of aggression can help you defeat dangerous bullies, for example.

It is only in Chinese films that you need to be calm like doors during a fight, in fact, you just need to become just mad for a while..

Emotions between workouts:

Between workouts, you need to be calm, satisfied and optimistic, but in no case should you suppress aggression in yourself. If in non-training time you are aggressive and there are no objective reasons for this, then you did not give your best in training, or you need to do training more often.

Between workouts, you should be filled with optimism and joy at least a little. Do not be dull and sad at all. Do not be that stooped sad sucker who does not like everything, who is either offended at everything, or embittered, who complains and whines at every step.

Even if you are not doing well, then this is not a reason to whine. This is a reason to rejoice, dream and tune in to a wave of optimism. This is because whiners attract trouble to themselves and scare away all the good that could happen to them. They block their brain from ways to solve their problems and new opportunities..

However, if everything is not very good for you, of course you shouldn’t care, but you should have a more or less good mood and always be optimistic. Because this state helps you to enter the mode of enthusiasm, and even if there are no reasons for a good mood yet, they will soon appear, because good ideas will visit your head, by implementing which your problems will be solved, there will be even more reasons for a good mood and yours. optimism will rise.

To prevent it from happening, your mood should always be better than everyone else in the same situation and more optimistic, even if you don’t have a solution to the problem yet. If you master this, it will be your insurance against any misfortunes and misfortunes. Well, in the process of these failures, your hormonal background will not deteriorate..

Emotionally psychological attitude is an extremely important element not only in the training process, but also in life in general. And if you are a loser in life, then training will not save you. May make your life a little less shitty, but overall you shouldn’t expect a big breakthrough.

Although it so happens that training helps you to see a little and this gives an impetus to restructuring your psyche, you begin to rebuild yourself on your own and everything that I described is reconfigured by itself. But this only happens in not very advanced cases. And in the running ones, you need to get the brain, wash, squeeze out and set back.

As far as optimism is concerned, remember that an optimist and a nausea are not the same thing. Because problems do not solve themselves, simply because you were glad when they came. However, a positive-fighting attitude helps to solve them faster and easier..

It is very important to be able to dream and have plans for the future.

I have heard many times from pessimists who condemned my optimism, arguing that you need to be realistic. However, as a rule, people who call themselves realists are the most real pessimists. The difference between them and ordinary pessimists is that they get better at arguing for their pessimism, but this does not change the essence of the matter. The same pessimistic chatter, in other words.

The trouble with so-called realists is that they forbid themselves to dream of anything that is beyond arm’s length. All that is not very easy to achieve, or if the decision does not lie in their eyes, they consider it impossible and forbid themselves to dream about it. That is why all businessmen are thieves in their heads, and their wives are prostitutes. Just because they are too lazy to wiggle their brains, crap options and see beyond their noses.

They forbid such people to want everything except the easily achievable and everything that they already have all around, also because they are subconsciously panicky afraid of breakups.

It is very scary for them to dream something for themselves, and then not get everything that they have planned. Therefore, they simply forbid themselves to dream under the guise of almost clever wording..

You should have your main dreams and goals! And they should be far outside the gym. And they must definitely match what you want. Do not forbid yourself to dream of a high social status, luxurious houses, happy families and all the pleasant things that this world can give us. And even if you fail to fulfill the dream, it’s okay, you will survive.

But don’t put yourself legit idiotic goals such as becoming an Olympic champion or Mr. Universe if this is not your dream, but imposed. And in most cases, these are precisely imposed dreams that people dream for the sake of money and respect. But that money and respect costs $ 500 a penny. That is, it is stupid and unjustified. There are many other ways to earn and receive respect, easier, simpler and useful for society..

And those very so-called realists forbid themselves to dream and thereby cut off their path to all high achievements, and do not let the flow of vital energy into themselves, such people usually become dull, always aching and dissatisfied.

But even if only 3 out of 10 bright dreams come true, then this is much better than a donut hole. And in any case, 10 out of 10 dreams never come true for anyone. Therefore, some dreams will need to be revised, and some donated..

A person who has dreams and aspirations is always more cheerful and, oddly enough, he has a much better hormonal background, better digestion, better metabolism than any average sad sucker. Which in turn gives him a huge advantage in training strength, agility and endurance..

Mastering fear

If you are afraid of your own shadow, then you will not see testosterone, for oral trenbolone first you need to master your fear.

Fear can be helpful or it can be destructive.

It gets rid of fear, no need, you just need to master it. Or you will act an order of magnitude more efficiently and faster without getting tired amid fear, which will give you additional strength. Either he will paralyze you or make you an alarmist if you are weak.

I don’t like the wording “get rid of fear” or “there is no fear” because there is fear, and I chose not to get rid of it. Fear is too valuable an emotion to throw around.

You just need to master fear and, of course, more often create situations when it turns on in order to optimize its influence on you and learn how to use it for your own purposes. And if you mix fear with aggression, you get a Molotov cocktail.

Because if you turn on fear too rarely, then with it most people panic. In order for fear to come without panic, you need to use it periodically..

Artificially creating situations in which fear turns on, you learn not to be afraid of any not terrible garbage, from your own shadow, to the threats of hooligans, police, police, babayev and most of everything else that could have scared you before.

How to increase testosterone - Mikhail Yatsyk's blog is very good

And in order to master fear, you need to repeatedly go to a meeting..

For this, as you understand, it is not enough to read any article or book. You will need to go through three elements of tin. More is possible, but three is the minimum required set, which will be enough.

Tin Psicologia Disfunzione Erettile element No. 1

The vast majority of men have never fought other men, and therefore they are afraid of everything in the world. Therefore, I advise you to find a fight club in your city and go out with someone like you one on one.

After the release of the movie “Fight Club” starring Brad Peet, such clubs became popular and can be found in any major city.

The bottom line is that you wrap bandages around your hands and go to beat someone’s face, and this someone goes to beat it to you. I advise you to take a mouth guard with you so as not to risk your teeth again. Find fight clubs is not difficult through target groups on

Typically, these meetings are held in deserted places by groups of enthusiasts once a week on weekends. You need to spend 3-5 fights and it doesn’t matter if you win or not. You just have to fight to the end well and not let the nuns go of course.

You can break your nose, you can get a cut, a fingal, and this is okay, everything will heal. These activities will be invaluable to your character. The risk is minimal, almost nonexistent, but you will be scared. And when you master your fears, everything will happen smoothly, after 3-5 fights, and regardless of whether you win or not. Then you go outside and feel the freedom that for some reason you have not felt before..

But there is a nuance. You should not get too carried away with Lupashev without full contact equipment, because 3-5 sessions physically will hardly harm you in any way, but psychologically they will help you a lot. If you do it for years, multiple cuts, a broken nose dozens of times, dumplings ears, broken facial bones will not bring you joy. For example, the nasal septum, which is repeatedly broken and crooked like an accordion, interferes with full breathing.

Therefore, if you like Lupashevo, then sign up for boxing, MMA and so on. Because in fight clubs you won’t learn to fight, you will only master your fear..

Tin element No. 2

Go into the wild for 1-2 days on your own. There where no signs of civilization can be heard or seen. Bring warm clothing, rain protection, food, water and fire-starting equipment. You only need to spend the night 1-2 times in the wild forest yourself. This is scary for those who have never done this, but it will make you stronger. You need to keep the fire going all night, you will be visited by a variety of horror stories, from wild animals to evil spirits. However, the beasts of man are no less afraid of the beast than man. Also, animals are afraid of fire and in non-winter time they are not dangerous to humans. Unless you come across an animal infected with rabies, but in this case, look after a couple of trees nearby in order to quickly jump out on them if that.

The risk of suffering from an evil spirit or a rabid beast is minimal, but your panic fear inflates this risk so that it seems almost 100% to you. But after spending at least one night in the forest in this format, you will become a different person, psychologically stronger, which will have a very good effect on your physical qualities..

Tin element No. 3

The worst thing I have prepared for you for a snack, if you go through this, then it will be funny for you to remember how you were before. The difficulty is that you will need to find like-minded people, one, or preferably two. It’s not hard to find them in fight clubs..

You will need to take a small shovel, a diving mask with a snorkel and go out with your like-minded people to a deserted place where you can shout for hours and no one will hear you. Next, you dig a hole 20 cm wider than your shoulders, 20 cm longer than your height and 50-60 cm deep. Then you lay down on the bottom, face up, put on a tube that, as you understood, goes outside, and your comrades bury you.

They will dig you out in 15-40 minutes as you agree. And after that, you will become a completely different, improved version of yourself. This will be the most terrible thing that has ever happened in your life, against the background of this, all the small problems that seemed big before will be small, easily resolved husks for you.

These activities can be repeated once a year, increasing the time spent underground. The earth from this position takes your fears very well.

Thinking logically, the risk in this situation is minimal, I would say that it does not exist at all, unless you die of fear. The biggest fear is that you may not be dug, but you will be dug anyway..

Solid character

The character, like muscles, needs to be trained, by itself, through the books read and watched videos, it will not strengthen. To strengthen character, you need to master your fear, you need to take risks, you need to solve problems, you need to act where your hands give up, and so on..

And in the presence of a solid character, all physical qualities grow to you very quickly. If you are a sucker, then you can bend and unbend your hands as much as you like, there will be little sense. On the other hand, if you at least learn to use your emotions as I described above, then there will be good shifts, if you still strengthen your character, then the shifts will be colossal and you will change beyond recognition, for the better..

I have noticed many times that people with a strong character progress very quickly in any kind of physical activity. And it’s not even a matter of persistence and effort. There are many suckers who plow in the halls like Sisyphus, but they did not have any shifts, only injuries and overtraining. The fact is that the correct psychological and emotional attitude plays a key role in the formation of the correct hormonal background..

This is why there are so many cases of steroid use among young people. Almost no one of them strives for super results, they just want to be big robust, because in their opinion they will receive respect, recognition, attention of the opposite sex, and so on..

Since the analysis of emotions and the formation of personality is a more complex process than injections of male sex hormones, the lohopetes choose a simpler option.

That is why in fitness clubs there are so many chipped large mutants who, working with baby weights, scream like women in labor. In this place, by the way, they like to catch me at the word of scam by sending vidos of top athletes who sit on steroids and work with large weights. But I want to emphasize that I mean not those one and a half people from the entire universe, but the bulk of steroid addicts that are overflowing with fitness clubs.

By the way, if you pay attention to the Caucasus, you will notice that there are a lot of strong men, a lot of gifted athletes, mainly in Lupashev and wrestling..

The peoples of the Caucasus are tempered from childhood and give it great attention. Of course, they just as carefully monitor the purity of their genes, food, water, drink little and hardly smoke. But the key is character building.

Self-esteem and respect

Self-esteem is a very important element that is closely related to the production of male sex hormones. Suckers don’t need self-esteem and respect, too, so suckers are usually frail and crooked. If we compare two dozen people of approximately the same sex and age, for example, 10 suckers who do not respect themselves and do not enjoy the respect of their environment and 10 respected people who respect themselves and who are respected by their immediate environment.

At the same time, none of these 20 people are physically engaged in anything, then it will be possible to notice that respected people are usually stronger not only psychologically, but also physically one and a half, or even twice. If all of them add physical. load, then fuckers will move up a little bit, and respected people are much higher in any kind of physical activity, and mental too.

That is why the Eastern peoples and the peoples of the Caucasus attach such great importance to respect and self-respect. Although it was once not only for them, but all over the world. This is due to the fact that life was dangerous and difficult, people acted at the limit of their capabilities and tried to squeeze out the maximum.

In short, you must respect yourself and form your environment of people who will respect you as well..

Unfortunately, in our society, vulgar anecdotes, vulgar jokes, friendly comic messages are too developed to nah … Mutual ridicule of each other’s ideas and plans. In general, mutual downward movement is in its prime.

And you need to reverse this trend. Firstly, you need to wean yourself from this, and secondly, remake or replace your environment. It is unlikely that you will be able to redo it, but it is worth trying, someone will accept your point of view, at least in your eyes you will not look like a rat who increased your self-esteem and turned lightning to your friends.

Decency and justice A decent and fair person is always stronger and healthier. Because he is sure that he did everything right, he is not tormented by conscience and doubts. Because even if you did a dirty trick and no one noticed it, then you noticed it, and you will remember it until you fix it. It will eat you from the inside, take away strength, attract disease and poison your life..

But not all people can afford to be honest and decent with everyone in a row, because scoundrels are often met, and if you are honest and decent with everyone, then these traits of your character will be used against you and will ride on you.

Therefore, you must learn to recognize “yours”, recognize good people, but even if you met an asshole who did nothing to you and does not use your decency against you, then you should also do well with him and this is not for him but for you.

There are and always will be scoundrels, but by their vile deeds they first of all spoil the life of themselves and their family. And you just shouldn’t give them a reason to cheat you. Well, if they cheat you, then they must be punished..

Although there are nuances, if, for example, I punished all the scammers who write and say falsely offensive nastiness about me, then I would only do this and would not even get to half of it. This does not touch my self-esteem, because I have already crossed paths with such people many times, the result is always the same, the person is dumbfounded, he apologizes very much, does not even remember what he said or wrote, and in real life they were replaced as they often look like normal adequate of people.

If you are walking down the street and you see a fight, then go up and ask what is the matter, influence the situation, stretch the fighting. There is no need to be afraid that they will hit you on the head, you don’t need to get hit even if you look like a nerd. I always come up and for many years I have never gotten a blow in the head, as a rule, people quickly reconcile, rejoice that at least someone does not care and say thank you. This act will not only help people, but will also raise your self-esteem, you will respect yourself more..

Your subconscious mind remembers all the good and bad that you have done. If there is a lot of talk about karma, karma is your subconsciousness first of all, it sees and hears everything, there is nothing to hide from it.

Honesty and sincerity

One must be honest above all with oneself. Because you can lie to yourself very well, but sooner or later the truth will begin to emerge and it will eat you up from the inside. You also need to be honest with your closest circle, family and friends..

If everyone in your family is honest with each other, then this will help not only to avoid unnecessary santabarbars and huge expenditures of energy for intrigues, doubts and investigations, it will also give a lot of strength and confidence, mutual respect for all family members. To deceive your own people is vile and vile. It is not for nothing that in all fairy tales, vile and vile people were pitiful and weak. But if you look closely, then in real life you can even notice it..

It is not necessary to be honest and sincere with absolutely everyone, because due to this, you will be used as a naive sucker. First of all, honesty and sincerity should not become the very lever by pressing which you can profitably ride and fuck something of you.

You need to be honest with yourself, with your inner circle, and from the distant ones, if possible, too. And if you see a villain who wants to cheat you or has already cheated you, then there is nothing wrong with cheating him to the fullest. There is nothing wrong with lying to the police or some state. institutions, they themselves constantly lie, whether you lie to them purple or not. They can only pretend to be honest if they want to get something out of you, or just by coincidence that a good person is caught and he has no selfish interest in you.

Ethics and Morals Be as polite to people as possible, have high moral values.

A person with high ideals is always stronger and higher than a person with low ideals. And by the way, the vast majority of successful people have moral values, sometimes high, sometimes not very. But much higher than the gray mass. That is why, oddly enough, there are rich people who donate large sums to various differences..

The fact that all rich people are bastards and think only of themselves is a lie. You tell them they already have so much money, what it costs them to donate a couple of million. In fact, the more money, the less you want to share it with someone, but if there are moral values, then everything is roughly the opposite. Ask ordinary people how much they donate for something, and you will see that in percentage steriods for sale ratio to their income, rich people are more generous and useless garbage than poor people buy much less.

Therefore, be polite, do not make empty promises, keep your word, and acquire moral values. However, you don’t always need to be polite. There is a bullish stratum of the population that always responds with rudeness in response to politeness, and if you are always polite Anadrol oral oxymetholone definition with them, you can lose a piece of self-respect due to the fact that from the outside you will look lousy. Therefore, these need to be quickly put in place..

Money, property

Oddly enough, this is also an important point, but it will work well only after you master everything above. All rich and wealthy people know how money and property add energy. This is certainly not the key point and it is not the most important thing in life, but you should have it. Everyone knows that feeling when you have normal money. If you have a lot of money, in relation to your standard of living and the ability to spend it, then these feelings are greatly enhanced..

Maybe you think money is bullshit. In fact, money is far from garbage, not candy wrappers or paper. Money is someone’s work, time, health. Money is a resource for existence.

I do not think that for the sake of money you need to sacrifice everything above, which is why I inserted a letter about them at the end. And it is not necessary to assert that only liars, deceivers and vile people can make money. If you think so, then your imagination is too poor. Because there are many ways to earn honestly, big and very big money.

And by the way, if you earned money in a dishonest way, engaged in shady deeds or simply framed some rich gay man and he gifted you, then this money will work against you. People who have risen due to banditry, drug trafficking, prostitutes, and so on, then have a lot of unhappiness in the family, and in health, because it eats them up from the inside and does not give rest. They then try to atone for sins, but this does not help much..

Those who know cops have probably said that it is customary to spend money for bribes immediately on entertainment. Otherwise, everything that you buy will break or break.

If you live paycheck to paycheck, you know how unpleasant it is. If you live in a rented apartment, you know how much more pleasant it would be to live in your house. If you have an apartment on a mortgage, you know that you are overpaying a lot, you know that in a couple of years there may be another crisis, currency rates will jump, the economy will sag, you will lose your job, and a good-buy apartment. It takes a lot of strength and health..

Therefore, if you learn to make good money, accumulate money and get rid of mortgage bondage, then you will receive additional energy. But only if you do it yourself, and not at the expense of your parents’ wallet. Parental money should not be rejected either, and it can add energy to you, but only if you know how to make good money yourself.

That is, you must be the master of your life, the master of your house..

Such are the things. And you thought that I would tell you about which part of the body to stretch?

There are many tricks to improve hormonal levels through exercise, but this is the foundation without which exercise will be of little benefit..

There are still many tricks on the psychological side, there are a lot of exercises for the psyche, we have not yet analyzed the issues of leadership and dedication. The book can be inflated from this article. To anyone interested in books in this direction, then study Vadim Shlakhter, in his books you will find a lot of valuable and useful.

This article describes what has been tested on my own skin and repeatedly on the skins of my friends and acquaintances..

The most physically strong people have very high moral values ​​and are able to do everything that I have outlined above. That is why high moral values ​​and everything else were so common among athletes in the non-steroidal era. It is now possible to inject hormones for every taste and color..

Remember at least Poddubny. The strongest person, strong, kind, honest, decent, with a strong character, who knows how to turn aggression and fear in his favor. This is exactly what made him so strong. Such is the case.

The author of the article is Mikhail Yatsyk

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