The ability to control your home with a simple command or at the press of a button is no longer limited to sci-fi movies. First Amazon’s Alexa then Google Home and now Apple HomeKit have turned simple living into advanced smart homes.

With Apple HomeKit, you can control everything from the door locks, thermostats to lighting by connecting them to your iPad, iPhone or Siri. A person can simply command ‘I’m home’ to Siri and when they reach their place, the doors will be unlocked with the temperature and lighting set right to suit your mood.

The Homekit allows you to control your smart home devices in multiple rooms to create the right ambience with just a tap of your smart phone button. While the Homekit is not yet compatible with a high number of devices, the number of supported devices is gradually increasing.

Now, if you are setting up your smart home with Apple HomeKit and looking for lighting devices that support the system, it includes Philips Hue, Eve, Lifx, Koogeek, Nanoleaf and Sylvania and other lesser known brands.

Check out some of these Apple lights which are compatible with the HomeKit:

Philips Hue – Philips Lighting is the first big brand to be associated with Apple Lights by incorporating its authentic chip to its Hue bulbs. Along with the hub, the starter kit includes three color changing bulbs. You can create your own lighting environment using with Philips bulbs using Apple devices. You can even sync Philips Hue lights to your favorite music.

Lifx – If you don’t want to buy Philips Hue or deal with a hub, Lifx is an ideal choice for Apple lights to start with. The Lifx bulbs look and function almost similarly but they do not require a hub as with Philips Hue and can function pretty independently by connecting it with a Wi-Fi or controlling it directly.

Nanoleaf – Nanoleaf is a modular lighting system that you can mount on the ceiling or a wall. They are a series of panel lights that can stick to your walls to create designs. Each panel can also be controlled individually. The panel colors can be set to different colors or even change randomly or create your combination; all the while you can change its brightness as well as speed. The panels come in triangle as well as square shaped. If you are looking for around for the best Apple lights to start with, the Nanoleaf can be an ideal choice.

Start incorporating these smart Apple lights to your home and control your home lighting system with just the tip of your finger.