Arcade Lighting is a specialty lighting enterprise combining expertise in LED Lighting solutions. Over 20 years, we have made our presence felt in the industry with our quality range in industrial, Commercial, Street Lights and Flood Lights under our brand name “ARCADE”. The company has added its LED Lighting business as a strategic move to meet world’s rising demand in environmental-friendly, green lighting products.

Our product quality, functionality as well as cost competitiveness are the best and considered to be of industry leading standards.

The company is leveraging its LED advantages to escalate the transformation of traditional lighting to energy-saving LED application; For the reason, Arcade has gained commitment from strategic alliances, including several, committed partnership within India and abroad.

We offer a selection of high-end indoor, outdoor range suitable for general lighting cove lighting, ceiling lighting, spot lighting, display lighting, accent lighting, garden lighting, etc. Besides this, we also offer solutions from concept designing to installations, with uncompromising commitment to details. We adhere to defined norms of product construction and assembly.

The company is confident that it will soon become a strong industry leader in LED Lighting.